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10 Commandments Of The Frugal Life

1- You Will NOT Buy Unnecessary Things.

Maybe a lifetime of only necessary things could be boring, but how about living a year like this? Six months? Try it. Remember necessary things are: – house, food, health, education, rest. Everything else is just crazy. If you try to live like this for a few months, you will realize how much goat you buy that does not change your life.

2-You Will Learn To Buy.

Being frugal means learning to compare price, quality and value. Not everything is the price of the label. Who is willing to spend for a quality service or product that will use for many years, is a frugal to learn.

3-You Will NOT Buy Today With Your Future.

No promises for months without interest, I’ll pay you tomorrow. No guarantee of the house for some rags. Nothing buy now pay you’ll see how.

4-You Will NOT Waste.

Frugality has more to do with habits and way of thinking than with saving or “elbow”. Who does not waste: time, food, resources, energy and even his love knows how to be frugal.

5-You Will Buy (What You Need) In Cash

Although sometimes this is complicated, it is about buying with your own money, even if it is by debit or check.

6-You Will NOT Waste Money.

In interest, in buying objects that did not serve you, in paying full price when you can have a discount, in an expensive car that you rarely use, etc. You will not waste money.

7-You Will Develop Thick Skin

So that you do not get the words of the critics, do not be tempted by those who presume their “high” lifestyles, for those who see you ugly when you use your modest cell phone and find out that you have never been to Europe.

8-You Will Learn To Do It Yourself.

A maxim of frugal people is trying it yourself first. While we cannot be a doologist, the idea of doing a few things for ourselves gives us power. Learn carpentry, make our own dishes, plant some vegetables at home, etc.

9-You Will Have Fun.

Whoever does not amuse himself in the process of living a more frugal life will fail miserably.

10-You Will Not Envy.

… What others have. This is a fundamental part of happiness. Others may have anything, but do not compare yourself, do not envy them or judge why they buy what they buy. You to YOURS.

And there you have it! the 10 commandments of frugal living. Sure, living frugally has more interesting titbits, but these are the top 10 points for me. What others can you think of?

Happy Finances.

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