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5 Tips to Encourage Your Toddler’s Healthy Eating

BabyD has been a good eater since he was very young, so I thought I would share a few tips that we have used that have helped us encourage his healthy eating. BabyD’s regular evening meal consists of carrots (canned), green beans or peas (also canned), a chicken breast, some cheddar cheese, and a banana (or two, depending on his appetite). While there are foods he doesn’t seem to care for on occasion, we try to rotate those foods in once a week or so and often he will end up liking that food once he’s tried it a few times.

tips to encourage your toddler’s healthy eating

Give your kiddo choices, but not too many – we often offer #BabyD the choice of what veggies he would like to eat that particular day, but we make sure to only offer him two choices. He’s still young, and it can be difficult for him to process if he’s given too many options. (A tip: even if your kiddo picks veggie A, offer him veggie B later in the meal and he may very well enjoy that extra serving of vegetables.)

Get excited about vegetables

Hubby is really good about this. Presenting vegetables as though your child is getting a treat will encourage his or her excitement about that food.

Eat what they offer to share with you

if you won’t eat it, why should they? It doesn’t matter if it’s already been in your kiddo’s mouth or how slimy it is – accept it with excitement (even if it is faux-excitement).

Start the meal with veggies

beginning the meal with veggies puts them in front of your kiddo when he or she is hungriest and shows him or her that eating veggies is the priority. There are days when #BabyD can down half a can of carrots before he gets tired of them and wants something else. If we were to offer him cheese or chicken first, he would fill up on those instead.

Try to offer at least one new food per week

if your little one doesn’t like a food the first time around, wait a week or so and try it again. Their tastes change and as they get used to new foods, they will eat more and more of them.
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Are your children good eaters? What tips have you learned to help introduce new foods or to make sure your little one has a well-rounded diet?

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