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5 tips to make your Instagram Page more beautiful

Responding to requests, I gathered in this post 5 tips to make your Instagram more beautiful . These are simple measures that are worthwhile for those who have a brand/blog or for those who simply take the social network as a hobby and want to create cooler content. If you enjoy this universe, I guarantee it’s worth it! Having an attractive Instagram can spark interest not only from your friends and family, but also from companies and potential business partners. And you enhance your “virtual curriculum” while having fun! What about? Let’s go to the tips:

1. Edit your photos, preferably always with the same style

I’m not talking here about having a mega structure of equipment and software to post photos like the professionals do. But even your cell phone photos can be MUCH prettier with a few tweaks in apps like Lightroom Mobile and VSCO . These two are my favorites, which I use in pretty much all of my photos (Lightroom, sometimes, in the computer version).

I’ve been editing my photos for a long time, due to my proximity to the mega photographer and teacher Paul Grady. But I’ve only recently experimented with using the same filter to “finish” the photos, after editing in Lightroom as I normally would. I simply chose a filter that I like in VSCO and started applying it to every photo before posting, at different intensities. It’s SURREAL the difference it made to my feed harmony. It was much more beautiful! I highly recommend this strategy for anyone who wants to create an impact feed that pleases the eyes as much as the individual photos.

In time: if you want to better master your mobile tools to take and edit photos, I highly recommend Paulo del Valle’s photography and mobile editing course . It’s super low cost and it even helped me improve my camera photography!

2. Plan how the photos will look side by side before posting

This tip is good, but it’s worth repeating! It’s no use having beautiful and well-edited photos if they don’t fit together well. The technique of always using the same filter alleviates the problem, but it can still be awkward posting two dark photos in a row and then several bright ones. Creates that messy feed feeling, you know?

For me, planning ahead in apps like UNUM makes all the difference in feed layout. You can go matching them “in the eye” by the app, like me, or create a pattern beforehand to follow. For example, always alternate light and dark photos; or cold photos and hot photos. Or post three-by-three edits, always creating cohesive lines. Use your creativity to build a pattern that people will identify when they enter your profile. It can be amazing!

In addition to color/edit, also consider the subject of the photo when analyzing whether it matches the previous one. Posting two selfies in a row can be awkward if this is content you don’t post as much. Sometimes a landscape or food photo between photos of your face can give an interesting breath. At these times, you need to let go of a little likes. Often times, the different photo that will make your feed more harmonious is not the type of photo that your audience interacts with the most and that bomb to like. And it’s okay! Having an attractive feed gets more attention than always having the same number of likes in your photos.

By the way, I say more: having photos with very different likes gives even a certain legitimacy, because it’s natural for that to happen . When an influencer always has the same number of likes in the photos, whether it’s landscape, portrait, food or detail, I’m already on the back foot. It is a typical activity for those who buy engagement.

3. Think of a production. Combine objects, looks and scenery

This is another thing it took me a long time to learn. For me, it was enough to take a beautiful photo in a beautiful setting that was good. But over time I realized how different the clothes I was wearing in this scenario, for example, made a difference. Or how using an interesting object, such as a Polaroid camera, could make the photo much more charming!

So I started thinking more about these “accessories” in the photo. That’s how I became more interested in fashion, by the way! I started noticing how the influencers I like coordinated looks with landscapes, played with colors, and saw how this can transform a banal backdrop into an amazing photo! I talked a little about this in the post 10 tips for taking good travel photos , in which I mention Tezza as a great reference in this type of composition.

Of course this is not just for travel photography. You can easily adapt this tip to your universe or business. A photo of food, for example, can be much more charming if you place some tomatoes, herbs and other ingredients in a thoughtful way around the plate. Exercise creativity and never underestimate the power of “supporters” in a photo!

4. Dedicate yourself to creating more creative stories – lots of apps can help!

Planning cute stories is my biggest hobby on Instagram these days. I really like to alternate more spontaneous snaps with more edited images, restaurant tips, videos with effects, etc. There’s so much cool and easy-to-use app to do this! And with the possibility of saving them in the Highlights, it’s even more valid: you can waste hours creating something cool and that’s ok, because it doesn’t have to disappear in 24 hours. On the contrary: it can add value and service to your Instagram!

The current fashion app for story is Unfold . It’s the one with lots of cute layouts with a white background, where you can mix photos and videos, put a Polaroid frame and use different fonts. Whenever I make a more elaborate story with these layouts, I get a shower of direct asking which app. Haha ha! It’s free, but some layouts are part of paid packages, like Polaroid’s. But it’s a $3 thing, it’s really worth it!

Another really cool app is Inshot , which I use to edit videos. You can adjust the size (put it in the right proportion of the story, for example), put a frame, color filters and effects like the one on an old TV, you know? I use it in almost all of my videos, especially the ones I appear on. That’s because it has the function of “flipping” the video, which corrects the flip that the cell phone camera automatically gives and which makes our face a little strange, you know? Haha ha! If you don’t like to see your face flipped over, you don’t need to shoot yourself straight into the story, where the quality gets a lot worse. You can (must!) film on your cell phone’s camera and then flip it! Inshot is free, but to remove the watermark you need to pay a little money. Super worth!

Oh, it’s worth mentioning: I’ve had a lot more views in my stories since I started using these apps and I’m more concerned with aesthetics. I also started exploring more of Instagram’s own features, such as the stop motion function, gifs (love it!) and the poll. Besides being cool, I think it exercises my creativity!

5. Take care of the details: profile photo, bio, highlights covers…

Last but not least: take care of your profile as a whole . He’s a reflection of you, right? Beautiful photos with all messy highlights can look sloppy. Or bio with an error in Portuguese then, God forbid! I like to convey the image of an organized, caring and tasteful person. That’s what I want potential customers to see when they find my profile! Talent is important, but when you show that you care about details, you convey confidence. And that’s gold!

A good profile photo is one that shows your face, but also reflects a little of your personality. It can be humorous, or romantic, or artsy, or more serious and professional. Something that represents you! My current one, in a field of sunflowers, conveys the image that I am a beautiful woman who takes artistic photos in inspiring places. I like! If your Instagram is for a company, it’s worth using the logo. But if it’s personal (or if your brand is you), it’s always worth showing your face.

The bio has to translate who you are/what you do very briefly and directly. You don’t need to use all the characters, okay? But don’t forget to put your city and your e-mail address, two very important pieces of information for those looking to work with brands on the internet. If I work at an agency and I’m looking for profiles for a campaign, I eliminate straight away those who don’t give me basic information that easy. The competition is big, remember?

And about the highlights, I’ll be categorical: you can use them to mess up your profile or to make it more beautiful and useful for those who decide to follow you. For me, it’s a way to talk more about topics that don’t fit my feed, such as beauty and healthy living. I reach a wider audience without losing the interest of those who follow me just to see travel photos. Not to mention that it looks so cute, right? I used Photoshop and the Noun Project icons to create mine, but you can do it on your phone even using apps like Spark Post or Canva . You don’t need a lot of knowledge, just want to create something beautiful!

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