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7 Aspects To Concider When Starting Your Own Cleaning Business


There are many differences between domestic and commercial cleaning. The main difference in the two is that commercial cleaning requires a high amount of specialized machinery, while domestic cleaning typically does not. Commercial cleaning also is often how you’d classify cleaning for industrial properties and residential homes. Domestic cleaning simply involves cleaning a house, apartment, or condo as opposed to cleaning business premises. The amount of dirt that needs to be cleaned is different for every type of building. Here are some tips on what you will need to consider if you want to start up your own cleaning business.

Basic Equipment

Start off by determining if you have all the necessary equipment. If you are going to offer your domestic cleaning services, you will have to acquire certain equipment as well. For example, a vacuum cleaner is necessary for window cleaning and carpet cleaning. It can get a bit confusing when you begin to think about it. However, a great tip is to think about how often you clean your home each day. If you are thinking about offering your services as a commercial cleaner, you may want to invest in a more large and powerful vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners

One big difference between domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning is the method of vacuuming. Commercial cleaners generally use a truck-mounted unit with a rotating head. While this type of unit works efficiently, many companies find that they want something more advanced for their home businesses. Some commercial carpet cleaners are now turning to robotic vacuums that can perform an assortment of tasks including cleaning out attics, sinks, and behind furniture.

Regulations, Guidelines And Health & Safety

When doing a commercial cleaning process, you will need to follow different rules and regulations than you do when doing a domestic cleaning process. The first thing you will want to consider is safety standards. In addition to following all the health and safety standards set forth by your local government, you will also need to follow international safety standards. Even if you are using a truck-mounted unit, you should still follow the guidelines set forth for commercial cleaning processes.

Deep Clean Equipment

You may also want to invest in machinery for the regular cleaning tasks. A good way to make sure you are doing regular cleaning on a regular basis is to purchase a device called a deep cleaner. These units will help you to remove dirt and other debris from hard to reach places. They are designed to clean around sinks, in tubs, and other hard to reach areas on a regular basis.

Branching Into Window Cleaning

As you begin to think about offering commercial window cleaning services, you will want to focus on two types of work. First, you will need to focus on window cleaning tasks. While this sounds like a simple thing to do, there are many regulations and standards set forth for commercial window cleaning services. Therefore, you will want to focus on these two areas and educate yourself on what is needed to get a business license in your specific area.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Next, you will want to work on hardwood floors. This is a popular service that is offered by many domestic cleaning services. Hardwood floors are beautiful and add a lot of character to any home or office. However, they can also be a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bacteria. Make sure you do your research and get your floors regularly inspected by a qualified contractor to make sure there is no buildup on the floors.

Janitorial Services

Finally, you will want to offer some form of commercial hygiene service. This is an area where most commercial cleaning companies will agree to offer a commercial janitorial service. Some will specialize in light and surface sweeping while others will focus on restroom and kitchen sanitation. However, there are many different types of services that you can offer so it is up to you to decide which service is best for the type of business that you are operating. If you are interested in offering commercial services, then you will definitely want to do a little research and get started.

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