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Hello my name’s Annie Clifton. I’ve been involved in writing several blogs in the past and have written for a number of leading well known blogs in the past. Anyway, after a few years of debating about it I decided to write my own blog. The content I will be writing about has to be what interests me and will cover my expertise in life which includes kids’ education and parenting as well as frugal living, home and lifestyle.

I decided to write about these things because I’m a mom with kids that are in college now, so I know a bit about parenting but also, I am a teacher at a high school so I know a bit about kids education. My husband was injured a few years ago and we were dependent for about a year on my own teaching salary which didn’t pay much at the time, so we had to learn how to be frugal as a family. That’s why I will be blogging about frugal living because I know that about that too.

In actual fact, I initially wanted to write about kids’ education. I mentioned that I am a teacher. I teach first graders, so I got this domain smartfirstgraders.com to write about this, but it has turned out to be so much more than kids’ education.

I live in a town called Clearwater that is in Florida. It is a great place to live, and I love it here. In fact, this state inspires me. I love the climate here and often, I just go off somewhere write about whatever takes my fancy,

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I look into topics that might interest you.

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