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How To Enjoy Being Frugal With Simplicity

Simple and frugal are two words (and attitudes) that don’t seem to be in fashion these days, despite constant efforts by some people over the past decades. Perhaps this is because, in the society we live in, the task of being simple and frugal seems impossible. But after all: what is being simple and frugal?

To facilitate this answer, I will use the definition of two subject matter experts: Duane Elgin and Vicki Robin.

Simple life or voluntary simplicity “is a way of living outwardly simpler and inwardly richer, a way of being in which our most authentic self is brought into direct and conscious contact with Life” [Duane Elgin]

Frugality is “enjoying the virtue of getting an adequate value for every minute of our vital energy and all that we enjoy” [Vicki Robin]

My life’s goal is to achieve this simple and frugal lifestyle and help other people who want to live that way too.

Throughout my life I have been making unconscious choices in this direction and, currently, I am fully aware of what I want. This in itself is already a great help in this quest, as all of my vital energy now has a clear and precise focus.

What led me to this conclusion was the chaos of demands and responsibilities that living in society imposes on us. The myriads of roles that we are forced to assume in our lives, added to an immeasurable volume of information and requests that demand our attention, led me to break with this madness of post-modern life.

The consumer society has led us to believe that to be happy and complete we need to HAVE something and not BE someone. This triggered a series of problems for people, as not having the things that are reported in the media makes us feel smaller, second-class citizens and, worse, even when we manage to acquire everything that is offered to us, we realize that the unhappiness is still there. In addition, there is a clear incentive for people to seek a lifestyle that values complexity, multiplicity and excess, relegating a simple lifestyle to the poor and disadvantaged, as if it were something bad and useless.

However, I would like to point out that, all over the world and since the beginning of the industrial revolution, there are people who do not agree with the path that society is taking. They have been protesting against these things and trying to live more in line with what they believe, I’m talking about global movements like voluntary simplicity, minimalism, ecovillages, permaculture and so on.

I am one more of those who believe that true happiness does not lie in material possessions or social status, much less in university degrees or in ecclesiastical positions. For me true happiness is in a simple and frugal life, with a minimum of luxury provided by technology and the advances of humanity.

Being simple and frugal is the path we need to follow if we want a sustainable way of life both economically, ecologically and psychologically.

This blog will be a space dedicated to the dissemination of thinking that values a simple and frugal life that will contain, in addition to information related to the way of life, several tips regarding organization and personal finance, as well as any technique or idea that helps to simplify our lives.


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