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How To Help Your Child Look Forward To Going Back To School


Back to school family rituals bring a sense of comfort and security to children at a time when many things are changing. Kids are getting used to a new school, new friends,earlier wake-up times, and other big adjustments to their regular routine. The first day of school is a tug-of-war between stressful and exciting.
Establishing a few simple back to school rituals for the first day back can give kids a sense of pride and excitement as they embark on a new school year. Here are a few activities you can do to tell kids they are loved and appreciated, and give encouragement for the changes ahead.

First Day of School Picture: Dress your kids up in their sharpest new back-to-school clothes and take a picture! It’s a simple and fun way to start the new school year.

Back to School Shopping: Turn a necessary errand into something special. Make it a special mom-and-me date, and go out for ice cream afterwards. Try to find at least one special thing that your child really loves; splurge a little and get the coveted Belle lunch bag or Sponge Bob notebook.

A Favorite Meal: Some prepare a special breakfast to start the day; others fix a nice dinner. Either one can add a nice touch to your child’s first day of first grade. Just remember, if you opt for breakfast, to leave plenty of time to get ready. New routines take a bit longer to get through.

Surprise Notes: Write a funny or encouraging note and tuck it in with your child’s lunch. It’s a fun surprise, and a special way to say, “I’m thinking of you today”.

Special Treats: The first week of school can be exhausting, but a special treat can help. Homemade cookies, a favorite DVD, or some exclusive daddy-and-me time after homework might be just the thing to keep spirits up.

Your kids will look forward to these small family rituals as much-anticipated routines, and the best part of each new school year!

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