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How To Make Your Bedroom Seem More Spacious

Do you feel cramped in your bedroom?
Making a bedroom look bigger is not that complicated. It all comes down to  tricking the eye into perceiving more space .

Follow our  7 tips , and you will make your bedroom seem more spacious.

Step 1

Start by putting order and get rid of unnecessary, bulky or inappropriate accessories  for your space. As they say ” less is more”.

  • Decrease the number of cushions.
  • Remove small furniture that can get in the way.
  • Reduce the number of frames / pictures on the nightstands or walls.
  • Remove the rugs.

Find a hidden place to leave your daily accessories: chargers, mobiles, glasses, books, etc. They will be less distracting to the eye.

Step 2

Use light colors on the floor, ceiling and walls to give a feeling of greater space. As for the windows: use white or cream-colored curtains.

Step 3

A dark room seems smaller . Choose your lamps well (not too bulky) and above all, use several light sources . A lamp / bulb hanging for ceiling does emphasize the vertical space and increases the feeling of spaciousness .

Step 4

Frames and pictures : we recommend you hang them in the lower half of the wall. This will leave the top part empty and the wall will appear less cluttered.

Step 5

Use large mirrors . It is one of the simplest and most successful ways to expand a space . We recommend that you position them in front of the windows to reflect the light . Or one in front of the other to appear an infinite space.

Step 6

Furniture improvements  :

  • Don’t clutter up your walls with too many bookshelves.
  • Do not multiply the auxiliary furniture. It is preferable to choose a low, narrow, and elongated piece of furniture. It will provide a feeling of openness in the space.
  • A hanging nightstand is another good option to enlarge a bedroom.
  • Look for functional furniture: bed with built-in drawers, or folding trundle, wardrobes with sliding doors, etc.
  • If you have a TV in your bedroom, hang it on the wall.

Step 7

Types and bedding :

  • Use a bed frame and box spring adjusted to the dimension of your mattress. No protruding sides.
  • Avoid using a canopy. Create a visual barrier.
  • Use a headboard hanging on the wall.
  • If you want to enlarge the guest bedroom: you can use a sofa bed instead of a conventional bed.
  • It is preferable to use light fabrics, solid and light colors for bedding. Avoid large and colorful prints.
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