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How To Organize A Small Bedroom To Maximize Space

That you have the big bedroom in your house is a matter of luck, but when there is only one and it is small, we have to look for the options to make the most of its space while personalizing it to our liking.

Today we will explain how to organize a small bedroom using as much space as possible.

Small room, big bed

No, necessarily because we have a small room, we must limit ourselves to having a high school child’s bed.

Having a large bed has many advantages. Keep in mind that in a bedroom, rest comes first . It is what that room is made for, so you must choose a bed that is comfortable and that suits your needs, even if it takes up more space.

Also, the higher the elevation, the more likely it is to use the bottom as a storage area .

Wall hangers

Wall hangers are an excellent option when we have little space for our things.

It will allow you to organize books, coats or jackets on coat racks or wall shelves and thus leave that space free in the room.

You can also take advantage of the wall to place shelves as bedside tables and even to fix bedside lamps on it.

Don’t saturate your closet

Not because we want to make room outside should we neglect the inside of our closet, so we will have to think about somewhere to leave the clothes from the previous season so as not to saturate the dressing room.

It is best to organize clothes seasonally , leaving only summer or winter clothes in the closet, depending on the time of year. If this is not possible, we advise you to include accessories in your closet that allow you to keep it organized.

If you have all the clothes together, having removable shelves will help you to see all the clothes at a single glance and thus not clutter the closet every time you have to get dressed.

Each container holds something

A box, a jewelry box, a backpack… we have a lot of storage accessories and many times we are not even aware of it. Take advantage of these spaces to store your personal things and thus prevent them from dancing throughout the room.

As you can see, the space of your bedroom does not determine the organization and decoration of it. No matter how small, there are always little tricks that we can carry out to get the most out of it.

Do you dare to re-organize your bedroom ?

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