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Is It Worth Having Perfectionism On The Internet

Hello friends! After a break of about two months on the blog, I come back with a reflection that is at the same time a justification for this absence. It’s a very common mistake among content creators! How good is it to have so much perfectionism on the internet? Wouldn’t this be a way of communication too dynamic for such precocity?

The question is rhetorical, of course. As a journalist who has come from magazines and seen the world turned upside down with the internet, the answer is obvious. What matters is the here, the now. The scoop, the novelty, the experience of the moment. Travel instagrams with archive photos can be beautiful, but travel instagrams with TODAY photos are better. No matter how edited the version is, it’s closer to the real thing, isn’t it?

And the real has flaws too. Perfectionism not only kills immediacy and spontaneity, so valued on the internet, but it also kills reality. And the further away from the real and the banal, the further away from the public. This is something that took me a long time to understand, because of my magazine background (I had a whole month to make the magazine perfect, imagine) and also because of my reality living with a great photographer, Paul Grady . That makes perfection seem so… Normal!

The more I live with influencers who are not professional photographers, the more I understand the value of sharing true experiences. To spend more time interacting with the audience than to exhaustively edit that little spot in Photoshop. And wow, how easy it is to produce content frequently when you break free from the shackles of perfection!

How to deal with perfectionism on the internet

I’m still learning how to deal with perfectionism on the Internet. I have dozens of unpublished texts that I didn’t think were good enough, hours and hours of recorded videos that I didn’t learn to edit perfectly, thousands of ideas in my head that I didn’t execute because I didn’t think I was ready to do a bad job yet. But you know what? Never will be! If we always wait for the perfect moment and conditions to do something, we won’t do it.

The more we create, the more we make mistakes… But the more we get it right too. A year from now I’m going to look back, review the texts and videos that I’m going to publish now and probably think it’s all terrible. Hahaha but thankfully right! Sign that I have evolved. I hope I think it’s really bad. But hopefully not you! haha ha

Anyway, more than self-motivation, I hope this text also inspires you to create more and take more risks on the internet. Even without being ready, without being perfect, impeccable. There will be negative reviews, there will be positive reviews and that’s okay, that’s part of it. I’m very excited! Are we going to do the best we can TODAY, without leaving it for later?

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