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The 10 Best Ecological Cleaning Products

Do you want to find ecological cleaning products of the best quality? In the following information taken from Ecognom blog, we present a detailed analysis of a collection of various cleaning products, all of them ecological and respectful of the environment.

Why Use Ecological Cleaning Products?

If you are considering changing the way you clean and relate to the environment, without a doubt, ecological cleaning products will be the best option to achieve it. At present we tend to think that organic is always going to be more expensive, but why not compare? Why don’t we take into account how important it is to take care of the environment?

All people want to have their house clean, both for aesthetics and health, but it is contradictory that, to have our house clean for health we have to use many chemicals and products that can endanger our health more than the actual ones. Bacteria, if we overuse it. In addition, all these products are harmful to the environment and pollute our homes and the earth.

It is for all this that ecological cleaning products are a good option. In almost every house there are chemical or antibacterial cleaning products that numerous studies have shown contain all kinds of compounds that can cause anything from poisoning to dermatitis, as well as becoming a great source of allergies.

If instead, we opt for organic products we will minimize the risks. These types of cleaning products have been made with other types of elements that do not affect people’s health in the same negative way, as the environment. Most of these organic products are usually made from classic recipes (vinegar, lemon, vegetable oils, bicarbonate) and are efficient. Many people have already opted for this type of product since they do not have as many toxins or carcinogenic components, they are biodegradable, their packaging is smaller and they do not pollute as much and they are not tested on animals, among other things.

Soap Nuts To Clean Clothes

The ecological cleaning product that we present below is a kind of detergent in the format of soap nuts that will be ideal for washing clothes. It is a substance with totally natural origins that cannot cause allergies and is not toxic. With a kilo of these special nuts, up to 330 washes can be carried out, and, without a doubt, it is a biodegradable product that can be used in all washing machines.

Baking Soda To Clean The House

Below we find one of the best alternatives available to be able to clean at home without using products full of chemicals or substances that are harmful to health and the environment. With this cleaning product, you can clean everything from kitchens and bathrooms to appliances, including food and all types of clothing.

Citric Acid To Clean The House

Are you looking for an ecological cleaning product, free of chemicals and substances harmful to health? If so, citric acid is undoubtedly what you need because it is a product that does not incorporate any type of transgenic agent or anti-caking agent. Without a doubt, it is a good option to be able to clean anywhere in the house and it can be dissolved in water to be used in the amount you prefer.

Ecological Cleaner

The following ecological cleaning product was selected as the best in its category in 2014 and has different certificates that guarantee that it is a quality cleaner. It is the perfect product to protect your home from dirt and keep it in optimal cleaning conditions without the need to use any type of chemical product.

Ecological Shoe Cleaner

If you want to find an ecological shoe cleaner of the best quality to be able to clean your shoes with natural products, this probiotic spray cleaner is just what you need to put an end to the bad smell in your shoes. It is a quality product that cleans bacteria and breaks them down using live microorganisms and different types of enzymes. Its fragrance is minty and very fresh, so you will surely love it and in addition to shoes, you can use it in sports equipment.

White Stone For Ecological Cleaning

The white stone that we find below is a perfect cleaning product to naturally clean all kinds of surfaces and objects. If you buy this stone you will receive a lemon product and also a sponge. It is an ecological cleaning product that is also biodegradable and will work simply and practically. With this product, you will be able to clean from the floors to the walls by going through all kinds of different materials.

Natural And Ecological Degreaser

The natural degreaser that we present below is a completely ecological and biodegradable cleaning product that does not contain any type of substance that is harmful to health or human beings. It is a very versatile degreaser that will help you clean all types of surfaces and eliminate bacteria quickly and economically.

Ecological Liquid Detergent

Are you looking for an ecological cleaning product to be able to clean all your clothes? Then this liquid detergent will not leave you indifferent because it has several quality certificates and it is also perfect for cleaning all kinds of garments and can be used in the washing machine. It is a detergent that incorporates lavender oil, which leaves an incredible aroma on your clothes.

Ecological Gel For The Toilet

The gel that we present below is an ecological cleaning product specially designed to clean the WC. It has a mint scent that will leave your bathroom very well scented and comes in packs of three with a 750 ml format. It is a cleaning product that does not have any type of chemical and therefore will not negatively affect your health or the environment.

Ecological Stain Remover Spray

Finally, we find an efficient spray that will be ideal for removing stains in an ecological way that respects the environment and also your health. It is a good option to remove stains from any type of clothing, both white and colored, and has been made with different vegetable oils and also incorporates lavender oil that will leave all your clothing smelling very good.

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