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What You Should Know About Early Stimulation Of Babies

One of the main tools that parents have to help their little ones develop, is early stimulation. This is nothing more than making specific activities available to the child that will promote the development of social, physical and intellectual aspects.

All parents want their babies to be smart, sociable, emotionally stable, and ultimately happy. That is why they look for tools that allow children to develop various skills and abilities and stimulate them in their development. The purpose is to help them in their integral growth as human beings, so that in the future they are an active and important part of society.

Until a few years ago it was little known. But today, thanks to the advances in technology and the numerous studies that have been carried out in the field of child development, it has been possible to know, use and appreciate this tremendous tool.

Through early stimulation it is possible to discover what are the skills and abilities that predominate in the child. In this way, we will help you stimulate your potential development. Likewise, it is also very useful in the case of children who suffer from some difficulty, since it allows them to enhance the so-called compensatory capacities, that is, those that are not affected by their condition.

The specialists have not yet been able to agree on what age is the most appropriate to start it. There are those who decide to start it even in the prenatal period. However, most agree that three months is the right age to do it. The truth is that the ideal period of time to carry it out is during the first six years of life.

What benefits does it bring?

It favors the development of capacities such as curiosity and observation of the environment, with which the child gradually learns to interpret the signals that he constantly perceives from the environment around him.

It stimulates the development of different brain functions, both cognitive and emotional.
It contributes to the development of psychomotor skills such as fine and gross motor skills through simple but very effective exercises.

It strengthens the emotional ties between parents and children, since the moments in which the exercises are practiced are significant from the emotional point of view.
Through the exercises and activities proposed, it is possible to identify anomalies or disorders in the normal development of the child Etc.

Early stimulation is one of the best tools and supports that parents have to make their children integral human beings, capable of facing situations in life and above all, being happy.

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