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Where Is The Balance

Anyone looking for a lighter, healthier lifestyle is certainly tired of reading that word: balance. It’s the watchword for everything! It’s following a healthy diet but also allowing yourself to be happy once in a while. It’s saving money but also making room for some pampering, since we work so hard. It’s taking care of the people you love without putting aside care for yourself. It’s beautiful in theory. But, in practice: where is the balance?

I’ve always had a hard time living in this middle of the scale, neither here nor there. I’ve always been intense, almost obsessed, in everything I do. When I’m on a diet, I become a boring yardstick. When disheartened, I eat God and the world at every meal When I’m focused on a job, I, forget about life. And the balance guy, the damn one, doesn’t seem to like me very much. Run away. And we feel how? A failure!

It’s okay if balance isn’t so easy for you

That’s why I write this text. To give encouragement to me and to you, who read me, who may have as much difficulty finding balance as I am. It’s not because it’s “easy” in theory that it happens in practice! And I have no doubt that what most hinders my progress in this life is this feeling of failure that we get when we don’t follow the line as planned. Then the scale flies from 8 to 80 quickly!

Maybe if we didn’t charge so much, it would be more possible to find the necessary discipline to live life in the healthiest and most sustainable way we can. And I’m not getting into that “if you accept what you are, wake up late and eat that burger that makes you happy” thing. Because that’s one of the extremes of the scale, and we’re better than that. Learning to control our impulses is just as important as learning to charge yourself more gently.

don’t try to be perfect at all

One thing I’ve noticed is that change is difficult and trying to make changes in many aspects of life at the same time tends to fail. If you’re madly committed to a work project, this might not be the best time to go after that dreamed-up 15% body fat. It might be worthwhile to have “butts” in other areas, at the same time as you pursue the “methone”. Obsessingly, if that’s your way. Play yourself!

For example, if your “methone” is having 100,000 reais invested, focus your energy on it! Work hard, freelance, save, sell what you don’t use, be creative. And, at the same time, establish “targets” in other aspects of life. Simpler things to do. Like stop drinking soda (diet stuff), call the parents once a week (family stuff), read for two hours on Sundays (personal development stuff). And as you master these challenges, you set yourself up for others. What about?

Come to think of it, this can be a form of balance! But a more focused balance, in which you take a little effort from one thing to be able to dedicate more to the other. Legend has it that once you master this discipline in one aspect of life, it becomes easier to apply it to others.

So, let’s take advantage of our more intense personality to focus on what matters and take care just so that the rest doesn’t mess up? Hahahaha I think it’s more productive than trying to solve everything at the same time and not being able to move. Medal to medal, we get to the podium, right? Preferably with a lot of money in the account, little body fat and a lot of peace of mind. No clues: we have a lifetime to get there.??

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